Monday, September 21, 2009

Exciting Weekend

Anthony's Kisses
My little guy is super cuddly and loves to blow kisses. However Anthony has his own way of kissing and it is the cutest thing. Imagine yourself puckering up to give a kiss and then slip your tongue between your lips as you make the kissing motion/sound and this is what Anthony does. He is so cute about it because this huge grin crawls across his face right before he does it and he eyse light up as he watches for your reaction and he will give you about 5 kisses in a row before he starts laughing at the excitement. That is my sweet, little boy.

Aubrey's Exciting Weekend
So you know my little girl has just sprouted her first teeth and said her first word. Well she has done a bunch of firsts from this past Thursday - today. Let's recap...

Thursday - Said her first word...baba
Friday - Sprouted her first two teeth
Saturday - Said MAMA for the first time (I melted and Marc was in the room to confirm she said it)
Sunday Night - Around 10:30pm, she woke up and started moving all around her crib and was making these little cooing & moaning noises. I went in to check on her and she gets on all fours and starts rocking back and forth so I left her in her crib. I am then watching her on the monitor and in a matter of 30 seconds, she starts to CRAWL in her crib and then put herself in a SITTING position and then flopped back down on the bed. She has not crawled or got herself into a sitting position yet. I was in shock and Marc said I am in for an interesting week with her. I guess we really need to finish baby-proofing the house.
This Morning - She added some new words to her vocabulary. She said Mom :) And only said da (not dada) so we aren't counting that one until daddy hears dada.

My girl doesn't just do one thing she does a series of new things at one time.

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Liz said...

aw...go Aubrey! I love the stage your two are at, they start doing new things all the time. Enjoy it and don't compare them at all!!