Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Are Doomed...

Marc has been off this past week and this is the week my little tiny babies turned into very mobile babies. They had figured out how to pull themselves into a kneeling position not to long ago but a little over a week ago they both figured out how to stand and it has not stopped since then. They can pull themselves up on anything. Nothing is safe in this house.

Besides standing they have both figured out how to cruise and Aubrey is now being more adventurous when she hits corners of holding on with one hand to the gate and then using the other hand to reach for something and pulling herself over there. Talk about scary... I am thinking of asking my doctor for a script for xanax because I am afraid of what is to come in a few months.

Our nice, safe baby jail is not so safe anymore. We can't keep anything on the couch because they can reach everything on there and they are both trying to figure out how to climb onto the couch. Once they figure that out we are in big trouble. We had done light baby-proofing in the house because we had set up the baby jail and figured we had tons of time until the whole house needed to be baby-proofed but we learned this week that the baby jail isn't going to last as long as we thought it would. So now I am making lots of list of stuff to buy and more lists of what furniture needs to be moved out of certain rooms.

As scary as this all is, it has also turned our little tiny babies into babies with personalities. They babble to us and each other. Anthony calls for me and the other night when he woke up and had fussed a little, I was sitting in my room listening to the monitor to see if he was really up or just moving around and then he called out "Mum.......Mum" because I wasn't in there yet. Sweetest moment ever. Marc has become the fun parent. As soon as he enters the room the two of them get so happy and have insta-grins and start giggling. As scary as it is with them starting to become so much more mobile I am really loving this age.

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