Monday, July 27, 2009

New Firsts

Tomorrow the babies will be 6 months old which is very exciting. This past week they have both had a lot of firsts...
- Anthony reached out to me to be held for the frist time
- Aubrey reached out to Marc to be held/hugged
- Aubrey said a-ma...almost saying mama
- Anthony said his FIRST.WORD. - HI
- Anthony has figured out how to make the kissing noise but it looks so funny because he puckers up and has his little tongue in the middle of his mouth to help him make the noise. He has no clue what he is doing but knows it makes mommy laugh

I am so amazed at how far these babies have come in 6 months and how far I have come. I am also in awe at what a different person I am because of these wonderful babies and how your whole world truly changes the second they each take their first breath. All of my worries and concerns seemed trivial till now and the only things that matter are their health and happiness - and one day sleeping through the night.

In six short months, two amazing babies were born - Aubrey Marie and Marcello Anthony, who we call Anthony. I still remember the day we found out we were pregnant, June 4th and the day we found out if was twins, June 13th and how clueless we were at what life would be like with two babies. Well here we are and my days now revolve around feeding, changing, playing, talking to, and hopefully getting in some nap time with these two. Marc and I have become a team and I can honestly say our marriage has become so much better because of it. We tried for so long to have these two and both love that we were blessed with two beautiful, funny, smart and healthy children.

A little bit about them...

Aubrey was born first - a whole two minutes before her brother. She was a little fussier as a newborn and we had an instant bond because of it. Since she was so fussy I was always the one to feed and burp her and I felt like we were team because of it. She is a very inquisitive baby. I love to watch her mind work as she stares at something and you can see all of the wheels moving in her head as she tries to figure out what is going on. She is very methodical and analytical and wants to understand how everything works. She also makes you work for each of her smiles and man do those smiles warm your heart up. Plus my girl loves to be on the go - she rolls all over the place, she has discovered how to creep. loves to stand and to move. She already has daddy wrapped around that tiny little pinky of hers.

Anthony is my mush. He was easy as a newborn and then discovered that Aubrey was getting a little more one on one time with Mommy and it was all over. He smiled first - a whole day before Aubrey and has not stopped smiling since. He mastered laughing and has the biggest belly laughs. You can't help but giggle with him because ha has such a huge personality. He is known to daddy as Giggles for all of his laughing. And the boy can talk. He loves to babble and has to be loud when he does it. You cannot ignore him because he is so loud. He is also quite the charmer. He will smile at anyone in a room and you can't help but smile back at him. He enjoys sitting down to play with his toys and the very first time we had Aubrey and Anthony sit down across from each other with some rings and other toys he took them from her. He adores his sister and will immediately smile when he is up close to her.

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