Tuesday, August 4, 2009

6 Month Well Baby Visit

The babies had their 6 month well baby visit today at the pediatrician's office and they did great with their shots. They are now older so they reacted/cried/screamed more then they have in the past but were much better once we got home. We have BIG babies, so here are their stats...

Weight - 16lbs. 12oz. (64th%)
Height - 27in. (88th%)
Head Circum. - 17in. (70th%)

Weight - 17lbs. 15oz. (57th%)
Height - 28in. (92nd%)
Head Circum. - 17in. (32nd%)

But most importantly they are both healthy. They are now going to start having 3 meals a day. They are also getting a mid-day snack of puffs & beginning to try out their sippies. Did I mention how big these kids are ;)

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