Monday, October 12, 2009

Expansion of Baby Jail

When we had created the baby jail, I had always known it would need to grow and get bigger as the twins became more mobile and adventurous. I had always thought that it would only take up a little more space or worse case, Marc would lose his office, a.k.a. Man Cave, and the rest of the house would stay intact. Boy was a I wrong.

Both Anthony and Aubrey were rolling from one side to the other in a few seconds and thus rolling into each other and beginning to pull each other's hair, bite each other's body parts and basically making each other cry (are you getting the picture of what is to come for me in a few years or even scarier to think about - their teen years and fights over the car keys). So I knew it was time to grow and I began my expansion. I really tried many options of putting it in different area's of the house - including the bathroom and kitchen - and trying to avoid the inevitable. Well the inevitable came to be and I have lost my living room.

Back before the babies were here, we had a beautiful 5-piece brown Italian leather sectional sofa, bought a big screen TV, had a sweet surround sound system hooked up, had an Xbox and Wii set-up with in our living room. Can you tell how much I love my living room. It was the one room I put a lot of love into and was a true reflection of Marc and I. The room was minimal with furniture but everything in there was of good quality. Well that room is gone. Now my couch is being used to hold piles of toys and is surrounded by gates that create Cell Block A&A. My TV which used to play all of the new releases now has either Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba (don't get me started on this show) or some other Nick Jr show on.

Hopefully this will help my husband realize how much we need to move into a bigger house - and if that is the case, Aubrey & Anthony will be getting a present from Mommy ;)


Christa said...

I hate to say it, but mine are almost 2 and STILL overtake the livingroom. Dave is turning the garage into a playroom soon, but until then this is life. Someday we'll miss all of the toys all over the place. Sigh.

Liz said...

I've been waiting for a playroom to be done in the basement for a year and a half already--we are almost there--maybe by Christmas. Right now we are Pottery Barn meets Toys R Us. I feel your pain believe me! It's funny how they invade every space. I agree with Christa--we'll miss it----one day.