Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Things About Having Twins

As hard as it is some days with juggling two babies who want the same things at the same times there are also so many great things that I enjoy by having twins. Such as...

- They truly LOVE each other. They are always looking for each other when they are playing or in a room. And once their eyes meet, instant smiles which leads to big giggles.
- They play peek a boo with each other in their cribs after naptime and when they wake up in the morning. I will walk into their rooms on some days and see one or the other popping their head up from their bumper and the other one cracking up at this.
- They learn from each other. Whatever one of them is doing the other HAS to do. Aubrey is now almost crawling and Anthony is trying so hard. Now that they are standing and holding on to things for support the other has to be standing too or they will start whining & crying.
- They can be so different, which is just what I need at times. Usually Anthony will be super cuddly and Aubrey will be showing her independent side by playing with something on her own. Then they will switch modes and Aubrey will come over to cuddle while Anthony goes off to start banging and beating up some poor helpless toy.

And the best part...
There is always one baby for me to cuddle with and one baby for Marc to cuddle with :)

I am sure when I go to post this next year, I may have different views and it may be more like begging for someone to help me with catching two toddlers running in different directions ;)

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