Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Standing

My little girl is really so great at figuring things out. If you watch her, you can see her little mind working and paying attention to everything trying to figure out how things work. She is big on studying and paying close attention before ever doing something. Now Anthony will just jump right into something and try to figure it out as he does it. Sometimes we call Anthony "Aubrey's Guinea Pig" because he will try to do something and Aubrey will watch him fail at it a few times and then she does it perfectly. Because of this we rarely know when she is about to hit a milestone like rolling, sitting, etc...

Lately the two of them have been LOVING standing and holding onto things. They are starting to fuss now if I don't put them in the standing position or if I have to leave the room and do something like peeing because then they have to sit and play on their own for a few minutes. I have been trying to work with the two of them to show them ow to stand and trying to goat them into it by putting things like the remote, keys, & phones on the top of the couch to see if they can get up to it. Anthony has been trying like a mad man to get up but hasn't had any success yet. But in the corner is little missy watching intently. Then this weekend as they were playing with a toy Aubrey leaned on it and put herself onto her knees in a standing/praying position.

Yesterday as I was changing little guy or I should be saying wrestling with him to clean his little booty and get a diaper on, I look over at Aubrey and she pulls herself into the kneeling position and up pop's her little head. We have the mattress in the crib set to the middle setting and haven't gone to the lowest yet because neither can pull themselves up so I freaked when I saw this because she could easily lean over and fall out. I grabbed Anthony in one arm and then grabbed Aubrey out of the crib (it's not as easy as it sounds with two 20++ pound babies and only two arms). I then had to go back to wrestling Anthony with only one arm to get the diaper on and was holding Aubrey on my hip. People with only one baby have no clue what mom's of twins or more go through for simple things like trying to change a

So now my daughter can get herself up to her knee's and has been trying her damndest to get into a full standing position every opportunity she gets when she is on the floor in Baby Jail. And she is so close!! We have to wait until tomorrow when Marc is off of work to put the crib lower. So between now and tomorrow I am staring at the monitor during naps and at bedtime. Lord, I think I am gonna need a drink tonight.

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