Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 Month Update

Shame on me for taking so long to update...


Happy 7 Months Anthony & Aubrey

Aubrey & Anthony have been learning so many new things and are now starting to interact with each other. August has been a hot month and for almost 2 weeks we were cooped up in the house for the most part. We did get to see Nonna for her birthday :)

Anthony's Update

My boy's vocabulary now includes:

- Hi
- Mama
- Mom
- Dada

- Nana

He also has learned how to wave hi - which also means gimme. We are working on it.

Today he cut his first tooth. It is his top tooth and the other 3 front teeth are coming in. Needless to say he has been on the cranky side at times but is always smiling and giggling.

Aubrey's Update

She just said her first word this morning. She said.....NO and she yelled it to. When I called Marc to tell him the exciting news, he said she must have gotten it from me yelling no at the dog all the time - thanks Marc.

My girl is ALWAYS on the move. She is rolling, creeping and doing her wounded soldier crawl. She is very resourceful and will push herself off a wall to get anywhere she needs to be. She is also trying very hard to get into a sitting position from being on the floor and she is so close to doing it.

Do to the babies being so mobile lately, we have been baby proofing the house. Marc has put things into all of the sockets and put protectors on any extension cords and such. And the most important thing we have done is set-up the Baby Jail. This has got to be the greatest thing because I couldn't put them on the activity mats anymore because they would roll right off and try to get under things. Now they have all of their toys in the jail and they can roll all over it. They have started to roll all over and I am now trying to figure out how to expand because they are going to need more space soon. Here is a pic...

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