Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Halloween

I love fall! Fall always means the start to the fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving and then that leads you into the winter for Christmas, New Years and now I can add the best day to celebrate in the winter which is Aubrey & Anthony's birthday.

I debated a lot about what the babies should be for their fist Halloween and went through so many ideas like Thing 1 & Thing 2, Nemo & Dory, Superman & Wonderwoman, etc... But in the end I had decided on Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy. I ordered the costumes and they were so cute but looked big for the size I ordered them in. Well I tried the costumes on them on Thursday and they hated them. They were trying to rip it off as I was putting it on and I couldn't even get a picture of the because they were trying to get it off so I then had to look for another costume on Friday, the day before Halloween. Luckily my Aunt had given me a duck costume and it fit both of them so I only needed to find another costume and found one for $6 at Children's Place. So my two ended up being a duck and a giraffe. Not exactly a cute twins theme BUT they looked adorable!

So yesterday as we were dressing them up, we decided to see about getting the Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy costumes to at least got a pic and they obliged us :) But between the hats and the oversized costume we knew they wouldn't be comfortable enough to stay in it for long and then we changed into our duck & giraffe and went off to the mall. They had such a great time at the mall. I think they enjoyed the attention more then looking at other kids costumes - that must be the Marc-sized ego in them ;) We hung out, had some lunch, did some shopping for winter coats for them and then came home and called it a day. Since we must have been gone during peak trick-or-treating time we didn't get any trick or treaters and nw I have a HUGE bowl of candy in my house which is not good! Overall a great first Halloween!


Liz said...

They are just too cute! I really love the Raggedy Ann & Andy--glad you were able to get a really good picture at least.

Joanne said...

They are "two" cute. THEY made the costumes look cute.