Friday, November 6, 2009

I am Spent

After last night and today, I am spent. Today brought back all of those fuzzy memories from when Anthony & Aubrey were newborns.

We had big plans for today. The wonderful cleaning people were coming so I was planning on getting up at 5:30am so I could shower before Marc got up and showered. Then I was going to feed and dress the kids and then we were going to run lots of errand while the wonderful cleaning people cleaned my house. Well NONE of those things happened with the exception of feeding and dressing the babies. My out and about day was ruined before it even started.

Anthony had a rough night and woke me up almost every hour last night. He needed his binky and his mommy to rub his back for 10 minutes. I finally asked Marc to get up around 4:30 because I was so exhausted but he only wanted his mommy - and that is not an awe moment. So once 5:30 rolled around I was exhausted and took advantage of sleeping for a little longer which then turned into the babies waking up and no shower for me.

After the no shower, I figured we can still run all of our errands because I was looking forward to having the wonderful cleaning people come and make my house all nice and shiny - even if that meant embarrassing my children by being a stanky, grimy person while we did it. I mean I spent all day Thursday straightening up the house just so the wonderful cleaning people can come. So I fed the kids breakfast and finished up some last minute tidying because I don't want the wonderful cleaning people to think I am a slob. Then all hell broke loose.

Aubrey has been fussing really badly because her two top teeth are coming. Well today she took it the next level. After her bottle, I noticed she was unusually tired so I figured we could put our plans on hold for a little bit so she could get a small morning nap in. After I bring the babies upstairs and dress them I put Anthony in his crib so I can tend to Aubrey. Aubrey started to cry this cry that I have never heard before. You can tell it is a cry saying that she is in pain and she is now crying hysterically. She did this for over an hour. It was the saddest thing and I could do NOTHING to comfort her. Finally, I had to pin her down on the changing table and shove the orajel on her gums and then pry open her mouth and give her some tylenol. After this, she finally settled down about 30 minutes later and passed out. It really was so bad. I was waiting for her head to twist around (think Exorcist) because I have never experienced crying like that. As horrible as I felt, it took every ounce of patience that I didn't even know I had to try and console her.

So now you are probably thinking, well at least those wonderful cleaning people you keep mentioning are still coming by to make your house clean. Let me stop you there. I was so worried about Aubrey because she has never been like this before and I honestly was thinking she would wake up any minute and start crying like that again that I would either have to take her to the pediatrician or to the ER (remember, I am a first-time mom...I am allowed to freak out with thoughts like this) that I had to CANCEL the wonderful cleaning people. And the kicker is that they still CHARGED ME. Now I have to scrub my own house and they get paid for doing nothing. AND Aubrey woke up all smiles. They will now be referred to the not-so-wonderful-cleaning-people. I truly am spent.


Liz said...

oh man. Rough day. I thought you were going to say they canceled on you. That has happened to me many a times and I cried just about every time. After I feel like a spoiled princess but I don't care. I NEED those people. Hope it looks up.

Linda said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about your rough day. And the cleaning people! Hugs!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.